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40 Questions You Should Have
in Your Vendor Security Assessment

Third parties are essential to helping businesses grow and stay competitive, but if you’re not careful, your trusted partnerships can introduce unwanted cyber risk and overhead into your organization.

BitSight for Third-Party Risk Management can help you gain immediate visibility into cyber risks within potential vendor ecosystems – giving you an instantaneous snapshot of their overall security postures.

This helpful guide, brought to you by Excellium Services, includes common questions that can help focus your discovery efforts. We’ll explain:

  • The top three frameworks you should examine;
  • Questions you may want to consider (and why);
  • And what else to include in your TPRM program.

By leveraging BitSight technology platform, Excellium Services continues to improve its cybersecurity maturity program offering, by including and analyzing third-party risk management, securing the clients’ supply chain.

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